"Unmask Beauty"

The show was an Success because of ya'll.


Unmask Beauty is a photographic series featuring models and mannequins in black and white clothing, with white and black face paint. The series conveys the emotional and psychological routine that models endure, in order for clothing on a mannequin to shine in retail displays.  This series of photographs personifies the effect a society’s beauty standards have on its people’s perceptions of beauty.  These wrong perceptions of beauty are slowly altering the natural beauty of men and women (as God created it and declared good).  That a society’s perceptions of beauty mask the truth is illustrated, in this series, through face paint.


I chose black and white over color, to focus more on the subjects within the frame. As an aspiring photographer trying to break away from photographing fashion, I often find fashion continues to suck me in, just as models are held captive by the externally imposed ideology of beauty.

Unmask Beauty Exhibition